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Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders PT Tripar Multivision Plus, Tbk (RAAM)

Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders PT Tripar Multivision Plus, Tbk (RAAM)

Jakarta – PT Tripar Multivision Plus Tbk (RAAM) held its first Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) following its successful Go Public on 8 May 2023. The AGMS was held at the 23rd floor of Multivision Tower on Friday, 30 June 2023 and online via eASY.KSEI.

The AGMS was attended by the Board of Commissioners of PT Tripar Multivision Plus Tbk and chaired by the Company's Independent Commissioner (Mr. Diaz Hendropriyono).President Commissioner (Mr. Ram Jethmal Punjabi) and Commissioner (Mrs. Raakhee Ram Punjabi) present online via Zoom. The Board of Directors was attended by the President Director(Mrs. Whora Anita Raghunath) and the other two Directors (Mr. Amrit Ram Punjabi and Mr. Vikas Chand Sharma).

In 2022, the Company managed to record a positive profit on performance in 2022 and even exceeded the 2022 target even though the 2022 pandemic conditions which are heading towards endemic still threaten the entertainment industry in Indonesia.

The AGMS approved th net profit for the financial year ending December 31, 2022 of IDR87,296,250,320 will be transfer as retained earnings by the Company.

Sales in 2022 will increase by 54% compared to 2021, where in 2021 the previous year was IDR209 billion, in 2022 it reached IDR 322 billion. The Company's Net Profit in 2022 recorded an increase of 225% compared to 2021, namely IDR27 billion to IDR 87 billion. The Company's Total Equity and Reserves also increased by 11% compared to 2021, from IDR 819 billion to IDR 913billion in 2022.

Throughout 2022 the Company showed positive achievements so as to maintain the Company's financial performance well. The company net sales in 2022 reached IDR 322 billion, an increase of IDR 8 billion compared to the target of IDR 314 billion. The increase in net sales was primarily due to increased sales of soap operas, films and cinema tickets. After the Covid-19 cases decreased, cinemas were allowed to resume operations, thereby increasing revenue from film sales and cinema tickets. Apart from that, the increase in the Company's revenue was also due to television stations returning to actively purchase a number of soap operas produced by the Company.

During the 2022 period, the Company also managed to record a decrease in the Company's total liabilities of IDR 341 billion to IDR 192 billion or a decrease of 44%. This reduction is largely due to repayment of bank loans.

At this year's AGMS also approved: ratificatied of the Company's 2022 Annual Report, including the approval and ratification of the Company's 2022 Consolidated Audited Financial Report and the Board of Commissioners' Supervisory Report, for the financial year which ended on December 31,2022; Approval to grant full release and discharge(acquit et de charge) to all members of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of the Company for their management and supervisory actions that have been carried out during the2022 financial year; Approval of the determination of the salary and/or honorarium and/or remuneration and/or other benefits for each member of the Company's Board of Commissioners and the granting of authority and power to the Company's Board of Commissioners to determine the salary and/or honorarium and/or remuneration and/or other benefits for each member of the Company's Board of Directors for the 2023 financial year and the approval of the appointment of a Public Accounting Firm to audit the Company's Consolidated Financial Statements for the financial year ending on December 31, 2023.

Since its establishment, the Company has been committed to providing entertainment to the public with stories that are inspiring, exciting ,thrilling and captivating to the audience. The achievement of the Company's position as a pioneer in this field is the result of a close and firm bond with the audience. The year 2022 has become an important milestone in the history of the Company which adds to our enthusiasm to proclaim higher achievements. 2022 will also pave the way for the Company to conduct an Initial Public Offering. The Company's achievements are also reflected in the corporate actions carried out on May 8 2023, where the Company has officially listed its initial public offering (IPO) on the Indonesia Stock Exchange(IDX).

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July 4, 2023